One of the most shocking thing that my learners master After i instruct a seminar or workshop over the Kubotan self-defense keychain, is just how a lot of things can be carried out with this straightforward-wanting very little Resource. Which, is part of It is really electricity!

Many of us, like would-be attackers, undervalue the usefulness in the Kubotan. In fact, it appears like a Unwanted fat pencil and it is barely sufficiently big to fit increase wood keychains through the shut hand which is holding it. But that may be where by the magic starts.

Even though most teachers focus on utilizing the Kubotan within an overtly aggressive fashion, I educate my learners to work with this effective minor weapon to “assault the hidden places” – the spots where by your assailant can neither see nor shield…

…until eventually It truly is as well late.

The Kubotan has a few basic capabilities, or procedures, by which it may provide the maximum amount of harm which has a small number of exertion around the A part of the defender. This methods are:

one. Levering or crushing

2. Striking, and…

three. Scraping

And, when finished from distinct targets on the opponent’s human body, the outcome can be devastating.

The 3 attack methods can be utilized in many different ways versus unique “delicate areas,” known as kyusho (pronounced “kyoo-clearly show”) in Japanese. These three places, or concentrate on sorts, are…

one. Force factors (these are exactly the same ones Employed in accupressure and accupuncture for therapeutic)

2. Delicate parts (just like the eyes, thinner skin inside the insides and backs of the arms, lips, etc.), and…

three. Bone construction (Primarily regions not included by muscle).

The Kubotan self-defense keychain is a very impressive weapon, even from the hands of the beginner. The truth is, I’d say that it’s the best initial-weapon to the beginner or particular person without any official instruction wanting to give themselves the advantage of a weapon, without the for a longer time Discovering curve typically essential.