Are you ready to find out how to elevate your product packaging with something as easy as custom stickers? Then you have come to the right place. 

Custom stickers are the perfect all-rounder for your business, no matter if you are after custom vinyl stickers or paper-based labels. Product packaging is just one of the areas those sticky beauties can help you transform your work. 

And it is such an important one. Did you know that around 70% of consumers state that their purchase behavior is influenced by a product’s appearance? 

That is a huge amount of potential customers you can reach by simply tweaking your existing packaging. And we will tell you exactly how. Read on to learn about three creative ways you can use your stickers to level up your product packaging.

  1. Leave a great first impression

First impressions count. Especially if you are an e-commerce business. You have probably spent a lot of time perfecting your online presence, setting up funnels to drive visitors to the point of sale. But what about your real-life impression? 

The first time your customers interact with you physically is when their order arrives. This is your chance to leave a lasting impression. Spice up the typical brown cardboard box or envelope customers are expecting with stickers. 

Our favorite way to do this is by using custom printed labels as packaging seals. You can wrap them around your boxes or envelopes to secure them and, at the same time, use them to greet your customers or leave a nice message for them. 

  1. Think inside your box 

When we think about product packaging, we usually think about the outside of your products. But what about the inside? No matter which packaging materials you are using, there are bound to be hidden opportunities for you to communicate with your customers. 

Think about your lids, your latches, or the bottom of an empty product. All of these spaces are canvases for you to get creative and surprise your customers in unique ways. 

You can add a thank-you note to show appreciation, add a funny quote to make your customers smile or even hide a discount code ready for a repeat purchase that is only revealed once they have used up the product. 

With stickers, you do not have to go through the trouble of reprinting your packaging every time you want to try something new. Instead, you simply reach out to your sticker printer of choice and order a new batch. 

  1. Find on-brand materials 

Custom stickers are amazing because you are in full control of every aspect: you choose your design, the shape, size, quantity and the material you want your stickers printed on. Now, this can sometimes be tricky, simply because there is so much choice out there. 

But it is worth spending some time learning about the different sticker vinyls on offer. Think about the brand features you want to highlight in your product packaging and make your decision based on that. 

Do you sell luxury items? Then the metallic silver and gold options are great for you. They give your design that premium look that tells your customers more about what your business stands for. Or maybe you offer sustainable products? Make your packaging match by investing in biodegradable stickers and share your values with your customers. 

What do you think about these three ways to use custom stickers for your product packaging? We hope you love them and are ready to give them a try. Are you already a sticker expert, or have some questions? Then leave us a comment below. 

3 Creative ways when using custom stickers for packaging