In the field of metal sheet cutting, the fiber laser cutting machine is undoubtedly the best cutting tool. Many metal processors are selected from the thin metal plates within 12 mm, and they choose the fiber-optic fiber laser cutting machine because it is not only the cutting speed, but the cutting effect is good, and the cutting cost is also very low. However, for metal sheets that do not have a thickness, different Sheet Metal Stamping power fiber laser cutting equipment should be selected.

Cut 0 ~ 3 mm stainless steel, carbon steel of 0 ~ 5mm, and can be selected from 500 W of fiber laser cutting machine. If it is lower than this power, it may occur, or if there is a phenomenon such as burr, it has a decrease in the quality of the product; if it is too high, although the cutting effect is very good, it is a bit waste, it is not recommended.

Cut 3 ~ 4mm stainless steel, 5 ~ 6mm carbon steel

, can be selected from 600W of fiber laser cutting machine, as this power can meet the company’s cutting requirements and the lowest cost.

Cut 4 ~ 6mm stainless steel, 6 to 10 mm carbon steel

, 1000W fiber laser cutting machine, especially 6mm stainless steel plate and 10 mm carbon steel plate, only 1000W Fiber laser cutting equipment can achieve effective cutting. The power is too low, and it affects the production efficiency, and the equipment is damaged. Click to download \u0026 gt; \u0026 gt; 510 sheet metal document information

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