While trying to figure out if LED lights are more efficient and why, I came across some interesting facts not only about LED lights but also about the past of Christmas tree lights … interesting …
And yes, LED lights, which stands for Light Emitting Diode, are more energy efficient. We can get very technical, but … I’m concerned about saving energy. Since I use tons of Christmas lights outdoors, it’s good to know that LED outdoor Christmas lights not only save me money, but also use less electricity.
LED technology has come a long way in the last three years. LED technology is used in brake lights, remote controls, electric clocks, calculators, traffic lights, and many other LED Christmas Lights  devices that we use every day.
Interestingly, the first electric-lit Christmas tree was introduced in 1882 by an associate of Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson. The first lighted Christmas tree was introduced just three years after Thomas Edison invented electricity. The tree was in the living room of the Johnsons house in New York City, located in the first section of that city to be hooked up for electricity and consisted of walnut-sized light bulbs on a rotating base.
Compared to traditional Christmas lights, LED lights emit a brighter, almost bluish light and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The many different shapes of LED Christmas lights give you more options for how you want to decorate for Christmas. LED lights are available for indoor or outdoor use. Therefore, you will not only save energy, save on your electricity bill, but you will have much more variety in decoration than traditional outdoor lights. Ann Cohen is a mom, wife, friend, and caterer who loves babies, “green,” decorating, and parties. Being able to entertain and decorate on a budget is important today and you love finding that “great deal.” For more tips on how to go green and save money, she check out LED Christmas lights and explore her selection.

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