The airway electric heater is mainly used in the air heating in the air, the specification is divided into three forms of low temperatures, medium temperature, high temperature, in structure, is a steel sheet to support the electric heating tube to reduce the vibration of the electric heat pipe, wiring There is a super temperature control device in the box. In addition, in terms of control, there is an over-temperature protection, and the intermunchair is also installed between the fan and the air-duct electric energy efficient space heate heater to ensure that the electric heater start must be added before and after the heater before and after the heater. To malfunction with a wind turbine. The wind-type auxiliary electric heater has the body and control system two parts, the heat generating element is made of a stainless steel steel pipe to protect casing, high temperature resistance, coil, crystalline magnesium oxide powder, compressed process molding. Control part uses advanced numbers Circuit, integrated circuit trigger, high-counter-pressure thyristor, etc., can adjust the temperature and thermostatic system to ensure the normal operation of the electric heater. The gas pressure heating of the wind-type electric heater should generally do not exceed 0.3 kg / cm2. For more than the above pressure, use a circulating electric heater; the low temperature heater gas heating has no more than 160 ° C; medium temperature type does not exceed 260 ° C; high temperature type no more than 500 ° C /.

The form of the wind-type electric heater is different but the quality efficiency is absolutely no difference.