Ways of cutting off friendships

ways of leaving a sweetheart

filtering through

love tests

love sonnets

lost dreams

stories that should end.

There is no shadow

just a red tone

blood on your pad

sobbing from some weird heavenly messenger

that used to be you.

Isn’t just evident?

You got lost inside a void

a dark opening of distress

failed to remember your own significance?

The time has come to continue on

say the words intensely

furthermore, for all to hear.

Perhaps first to yourself

become accustomed to the sound of the words

leaving your mouth.

Hear them

then, at that point, embrace them.

Ways of cutting off friendships

feel it

become solid.

Envision a strength

that up to this point

you just wish was valid.

Who might you be

In case you were just solid?

What might you say?

You can stand by yet I’ll be no more.

You can break yet I will not mind.

I’ve been your ally

faithful to say the least

yet, no more.

I’m certain you’ll love test in any case be relying on ‘us’

In any case, I can’t.

So be careful

my egotistical darling

fare thee well.

Try not to leave the light on

cause i’ll be no more.

I won’t miss the absolute quietness

of an uneven relationship

one that never saw this coming.

Don’t simply wish you could be just solid.

Or on the other hand one day you will awaken

days will have passed and you will ponder

wonder about your life

time spent some place you would have rather not be.

The time has come

time to feel your own fortitude

say those words

that as of not long ago you’ve just wished you could.

Ways of leaving a sweetheart?

Some way of cutting off a friendship?

Yours for the choice.

Ways Of cutting off a Friendship Ways To Leave a Lover-Love Tests of the Heart-Your Own Must Survive